Nunwhore Commando 666 is going to release a one sided 12" MLP in collaboration with our old brothers in war of Stuhlgang Records. This record will contain about 25 minutes of GUT-songs from our past, reinterpreted in the way of Electronic Pumpgun Grind and an A2 sized poster. check the coverartwork here and watch out for new informations.



NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 returned to the online battlefield today. We will hit Russia at October 15th to headline the Petrogrind Fest in St. Petersburg. Join the nuclear nunploitation!



General Electrojesus asked to join the commando once again. The proposal was approved and Electrojesus is now back again into the musical special force to rule the whole world.


Nunwhore Commando 666 are on Stage at:

13. FEKAL PARTY 2011 / Prague








Considering Nunwhore Commando 666 consists of members of Nyctophobic and Gut my expectations for their debut full length World Whore III were high. To say I was let down would be a major understatement.
Nunwhore Commando 666 formed in 1995 but this, their first official recording, wasn't released until 2001, and after hearing it I wonder why they even bothered releasing it at all. World Whore III includes 8 tracks of cybergrinding terror, somewhat in the vein of Libido Airbag only infinitely weirder, more chaotic and god-awful.
The music literally sounds like the group took various different beats, noises, riffs and burps, stuck them in a blender and recorded the noises it made as everything mashed together. Honestly, I think I'd rather stick my hand in a moving blender then eat a stump shake than ever have to listen to this steaming pile of garbage again.
There really is no discernable song structure; this is basically just a collection of sounds mixed together on one CD with no purpose, no rhyme and absolutely no reason. There is great cybergrind like Catasexual Urge Motivation and Gigantic Brain, there is terrible cybergrind like SMES and Libido Airbag then there's Nunwhore Commando 666, a band so awful that there hasn't even been a term invented to describe how terrible they are. The closest thing I can come to describing the shit that is World Whore III would be to start screaming manically while trying to rip the flesh off of my own face and trying to stab myself in the throat with a fork using my feet. Whatever sounds that produces is the word to use to describe this aural atrocity.
If this weren't bad enough the mCD version contains an additional 8 tracks... consisting of the original 8 tracks played in reverse, starting with the last note of the last song and ending on the first note of the first song. If you can believe it, listening to this backwards is even worse than listening to it forwards. Right now I'm at the point where if I don't press stop, take the CD out and attack it with a jackhammer until nothing remains but dust I'm going to end up ripping out my own tongue and choking myself to death with it just to finally be at peace.
Congratulations, Nunwhore Commando 666, you've officially recorded the worst thing ever to be released on CD, which even included David Hasselhoff, John Tesh and Steven Segal albums. I hope you're happy.


Für jene, die sich fragen, in welches Art Genre man "Nunwhore Commando 666" einordnen soll, kann ich nur sagen....In Keines! Denn die Formation aus Ex-GUT Mitgliedern hat so ihre eigene Vorstellung. Und mit "World Whore III" gibts Cyber-Gabba-Grind der besonderen Art.Schock! Perversion! Totale Vernichtung! Ja, das will uns das Cover weismachen, also war ich schon mal skeptisch. Auch die Pseudonyme der Hauptakteure haben ihren Reiz: Demon Lord Sarcofuck 666, Cuntshredding Electro Jesus und Pumpgun Messiah nennen sich die freundlichen Soundterroristen von Nebenan.
Ich denke, daß es das Wort Soundterroristen schon ganz gut trifft, denn Nunwhore Commando 666 pendeln irgendwo in der Gabba (Techno) und der Grindcore Ecke rum. Gabba Grind scheint sich äußerster Beliebtheit in der Szene zu erfreuen. Wenn man die Lokal Matadore "Libido Airbag" mal mit einbezieht, die meines Erachtens das Hanze geprägt haben. Nun, wie äußert sich diese Art Techno-Grindcore?
Ganz einfach: hämmernde Bässe, sägende und total Rotzige Gitarren, ein paar gleichförmig programmierte Drums (die doch ab und an Monoten klingen), hier und da ein Sample eingestreut, und zur Krönung dann die Growl Vocals die schon echt an Libido erinnern. Diese Formulierung haben die Macher der vorliegender Version wohl bereits so oft gelesen und geil gefunden, daß sie den ehemaligen Kritikpunkt ad adsurdum geführt haben und versuchten, das Beste daraus zumachen – Sick!
Zur Ehrenrettung sei gesagt, daß es einige klitzekleine interessante Ideen auf der Scheibe gibt, die man weiter ausbauen und zu einem postapokalyptischen Gesamtkontext (von mir aus mit Splatter & Fäkal Attitüde) formen könnte, aber in in der Form wie sich Nunwhore Commando 666 präsentieren, könnte da echt mehr gehen.
Es ist auch schwer hier eine konkretisierende Aussage über die Songtitel zumachen,
Den Jeder Titel hat zwar die Selbe Aufmachung, aber ich will mich an dem guten Stück einfach nicht groß auslassen, da die Scheibe für sich selbst spricht. Und wenn wir schon bei jenem postapokalyptischen Gesamtkonzept sind,s ei abschließend gesagt, das "Home Sweet Home" ihr nächster Streich sein wird. Auf dem die Ex-GUT Mitglieder so richtig die Sau rauslassen.Fazit: Endlich kommt mal Abwechslung in den tristen Alltag der Grindcore Szene, dnen Nunwhore Commando blasten euch das Hirn raus. Freut euch schon mal auf ein Gabbagrindcore Gewitter der besonderen Art, mit viel Gore, Whore's und Grind!
World Whore III hebt sich von den Urvätern des GabbaGrinds Libido Airbag total ab. Nunwhore haben ihren eigenen Stil entworfen und Rotzen ihn nu so in die Menge.
Und mit 6 Punkten kann sich sowas echt sehen lassen.


NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 advance tracks for 7" EP

Fuckin' A remember hearing about this project by ex GUT memberes aeons ago? I don't know if it was spoken of before or after LIBIDO AIRBAG... Fuck! Fuck! Doodlesquat! Peckernose, dingledong... Freaking insane, sick, cyber-blasting gore/violence inferno! Crazy techno programmed blasts going faster than hell, oh shit they get this crazy dance vibe drenched with hatred going, shit I could play this over and over while I beat up stupid people! It's that good of aggression and hatred-inducing, music that could really make you move! Of course I doubt they're a live band! Samples inserted all along the torso of each mutant song, peeling and drilling deep into your cortex, mechanizing each cell in your body and sending hateful electronic impulses through your sensors! Gory and horrid, evil vocals with the retching high ones, bleching and blurrging along hideously to the vile sampled guitar thickness that plods sonic pulse. Supposedly the vocals were recorded in a toilet! So awesome, sound quality is fucking incredible! They do a follow up cover of "Consequence"! Yes! Blasphemous porn hilarity titles, too damn evil! Bounce bump and boom bitch killin' bible bashing blasts Biiotch! One thing is just how similar it is to LIBIDO AIRBAG! What's the difference except different songs? Maybe they're better and they wanted a fresh start? It doesn't matter, just wait until this slab of chaotic cyber sickness fills your ears with filth and hate! Oh no it's mean music, don't listen to it! Listen to gospel music, it's better for your soul! -Whatever, NWC666 is what helps me shake away the blues of putting up with simpletons!



A s/m colaboratiom between some really well-known pop acts from the German MTV imperium.I cannot say more about this.Musically this ani't so far from Vanilla Ice.A pure techno-war-grind, not to be compaired to anything else you've heard from this genre.Well, maybe a little LIBIDO AIRBAG but that's really just a little bit, NWC666 is a lot "darker" than Libido Airbag in general.There's a 7" and a MCD released on Stuhlgang records.I think 7" has a little less tunes than the compact disc but I'm really not sure. The CD's extra tunes are the same first 9 tunes played backwards I think.These nine tunes were recorded during the time from 1995-2001.I think the guys had doubted this shit was ever going to be published at all.This shit is definetly suitable for the fans of KORN, LINKIN PARK, M. MANSON and KNICKLEBACK.IT SUUUCKS!!!!PS.Wach out for the full lenght in near fuckin' future!!!


Nunwhore Commando 666 - Home Sweet Home

Nunwhore Commando 666 is a trio cyber gore grind band which some member comes from Libido Airbag. So you can compare the same style between both band but NWC I think is more brighter than Libido Airbag. This is the recent album that contains with 17 songs in around 50 minutes. The content of  NWC concerns with war-making,crime,terrorism and also sexual matter. About the music,if you ever listen to cyber gore music, NWC gives you the same feeling.
It is fast and aggressive,no more technics. It uses electronic equipment in such extreme way. Great!! The vocal I guess using vocal effect is many styles of inhuman voice; growling, screaming and vomiting.
I like this album. I think it is interesting. No more reason why I like it except you are already taste it. For you who want to join the world of cyber gore, I recommend this one.



Shocking! Perverted! Total Destruction! Ja, das will uns das Cover weismachen, also war ich schon mal skeptisch. Auch die Pseudonyme der Hauptakteure konnte mich nicht wirklich beruhigen: Demon Lord Sarcofuck 666, Cuntshredding Electro Jesus und Pumpgun Messiah nennen sich die freundlichen Soundterroristen von nebenan. Ich denke, daß es das Wort Soundterroristen schon ganz gut trifft, denn NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 pendeln irgendwo in der Grauzone zwischen Mortician und Amigacore, der ja in letzter Zeit ein bedrohliches Revival zu erleben scheint. Heißt im Klartext: ein pumpender Baß, sägende, aber leider nicht erinnerungswürdige Gitarren, ein paar gleichförmig programmierte Drums (die aber zu drucklos klingen), hier und da ein Sample eingestreut, und zur Krönung dann die Röchelvocals, die dermaßen unverständlich gegurgelt werden, als hätte man sie auf dem Klo eingestrunzt. Diese Formulierung haben die Macher vorliegender 8-Track-CD wohl bereits so oft gelesen und geil gefunden, daß sie den ehemaligen Kritikpunkt ad absurdum geführt haben und wirklich im Klo aufgenommen haben – super! Zur Ehrenrettung sei gesagt, daß es einige klitzekleine interessante Ideen auf der Scheibe gibt, die man weiter ausbauen und zu einem postapokalyptischen Gesamtkontext (von mir aus mit Fäkalbezug) formen könnte, aber in vorliegender Form habe ich keinen Bock auf diesen Sound. Welchen Teufel aber vor allem Merciless Records geritten hat, sich um die Veröffentlichung dieses Grmpfzs zu kümmern, ist mir absolut schleierhaft. (TS)
3 Punkte


NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 (Ger): world whore III MCD 2002

For the fans of LIBIDO AIRBAG or all the others completely attracted by psychedelic deliriums and mixage of the grindcore and electronical machines and noises. For the frustrated of GUT, and there are tons of them, you must know that Olli is the singer of this band but this is just to have the name because it is far from him all the Assified shit. 3 guys are in it and nothing special about the two others. Musically it is nearer from L.A than S.M.E.S. for example and the 8 songs proposed are the same than what the lucky grinders received from Olli some months ago. The only thing given more is that on the inlay card it is written that 8 songs are recorded and when you are starting your CD material it should say about 25. Easy to understand when after the right listening you are going to listen all the same songs but not in the right sense, all are inverted. What can I say about the sound and the compos, when you know the Libido Airbag insanity, just imagine the same, with some intros and insane titles, ultra effects on the vocals (recorded in the toilets - this si the truth), mega tight drums and everything is killer. There is the same on Ep in limited edition on yellow vynil.

Interview NECROFUCK'ZINE / Columbia

What's up electrojesus! thanx for your quick reply and support!x!x!x
well the idea is include an interview with your band, so here we go...
1. what was the inspiration for yor cool band name?
Uff... we needed sick words, wich are not compatible toghether and we wanted to combine the three things: Militarism, Christianity/Evilness and Sexism... Sarcofuck 666 came up with this idea some bad day. Pumpgun Messiah did the genious logo. That's all. We wanted to show the stupidity of our civilisation, where is been killed in the name of Christ and where holy things are more and more growing to sexism stuff... Humanity is mad... we name it really. This name is pure sickness, like da' music.

2. how can you explain the progession to this kind of sound from the bowels of grind excretions?
Hahaha, the capabilities of today! In my eyes are people, who defense the so called grindcore scene before the electronic sounds really silly. I think, today is everything permitted, the most importand thing is, you have to sound raw. Yes, it can be easy to produce noises with a computer, but to create a raw AND groovy grindcore song, you need more beside only some samples and a fuckin' sample player. The kids of today do songs with sample trackers, no, we do songs with sampled drumkits, synthesizer sounds, noises and the most important part in NWC666 - the guitars. To play the guitars, you have to play it really. To combine electronics with guitars is nothing new, a lot of people did it before us, but we are one of the most radical forms. And we are proud of it. Ah... we shit on drum computers! We use a normal sequencer software on a computer, with it we also record guitars, bass and the fuckin' vox.

3. tell us about your live gigs, how is the audience response?
The people are looking very clueless! "Hmmm.... there is no drummer...?!?!?" are the questions. We love it! The drumparts cum from CD as playback. It is great to smash this extreme songs those public thru the ears. But alot of people don't like grindcore without any drummer. Ha, we don't give a fuck! We will never involve a drummer like Gore Beyond Necropsy or the old Godflesh with their last recordings. No, we are into the electronic... and we like to combine our old guitars with the modernities. We try to produce also atmospheres...

4.are you into techno or another electronic music? what are your faves performers?
Sarcofuck 666 likes stuff from Necro, a bloody Rapper from New Jersey, Pumpgun Messiah likes EBM and Trip Hop and me, too. My personly fave is Frontline Assembly from Canada, but I listen also to the old GGFH, Leæther Strip, Dismantled, Velvet Acid Christ, Haujobb and Download/Skinny Puppy. I hate normal techno. This is crap, this is stupid, this is something for little oestrous girls and assholes filled up with speed or LSD, for brainless cretins.

5. you guys consider yourself some kind of rebel front of audio pollution? what are your ideals?
No, we don't think, we're something like a rebel front. We are musical anarchists, we do it... thats all. We don't want to moralize other people or shit like that. People can love or hate us, we know, we are a very intense group and alot of people can't understand our dirty critics and statements to the society, they can't understand the blackened humor, how will it be possible for those people to grasp our sound? I say it once again, we don't give a fuck! I don't like the most electronic noise grind projects. They have most no guitars, but also no groovy or cool ideas! Only to produce shit, I don't need a computer, I can record shit also with a guitar. How many bad grind acts are alive in our world producing shitty music? The most sound is terrible in my opinion. The pollution of audio is not to find in the instruments, its a question of quality. The most electro grind projects are done from anti-musicians. They can't play any guitar or synthesizer. That's the shit!

6. what is your basic equipment to de-construct your music?
My Macintosh machine is the center. Today and here all music will be realized with Apples Logic 7.1. I use tons of Gigs of total different sounds, and some Instruments as PlugIns. There is Battery2, Reaktor5, Absynth3, Vanguard 1.5, Cronox3, Crystal, RumblenceZoyd and alot of other software. I am to lazily to name it all now. I use also as controller the Roland JV90 and the Access Virus A, as MIDI Interface the Emagic amt8, as audio interface the MotU 828 FireWire and as Mixer the Roland M240R, a very cool Rack Mixer without a shitty EQ. Thats all... but on our older recordings I used hardware samplers like Roland S760 and Kurzweil K200RS. Also I have had a Waldorf Q lite and some outboard equipment, but I sold the most stuff thru ebay. Software is so cool and can sound so excellent... it is amazing. The guitars we do in a normal way, also the vox (if you can talk about normal at hearing NWC666 vox).

7. there's alot of troubles with all the radical minded grindeath bands nowadays in europe?
No, we have no contact to those people. If somebody has a problem with us, it is not ours! We are not so much on stage, I think we sholud be more present in future, but we have to do other things too, so we don't give a fuck.... (once again)

8. why do you think this noise is so delightful to piss off normal people?
hah, 'cause they are pissed off... The normal people can't listen to our sound and that's ok. We don't need all people listening to NWC666, if someone is pissed off, mostly he don't like the titles of the songs or the media stuff. Bloody tits with a holy cross, a nun with a chain gun... thats abnormal in our society. Hahaha, we like that! With our songs we shock more the normal Metal freak. Those people can't handle this kind of sound... "aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh... there was a tekkno-bassdrum somewhere in the guitars....urgghh". They are stupid... sorry, but it is!

9. what are your occupations besides the band?
Sarcofuck 666 wents to school (hahahaha) to learn a new job into music bizz, Pumpgun Messiah does nothing and me, too! We are serching for jobs.... today.

10. the artwork in your homepage is great where it came from?
I did it. It's a combination of different shit out of the www. All naked girls, nuns, weapons and other pics were found in the web, combined with a mad taste of Nunwhore Commando 666 into photoshop and is assembled into dreamweaver. The stupidity is created by our society, we rebuilt it only with our experiences.

11. when you're hanging out what is your typical listenings?
Today it is Frontline Assembly, Haujobb, Strapping Young Lad, Slipknot, Mortician or the new GUT CD "Cumback2005" (I mastered it! - cool work).

12. what are your fave drinks?
COFFEE, COFFEE and COFFEE with milk and sugar... sometimes I need a beer (Pilsner)

13. what can you tell about the insane german hard core films?
Have a trip to GGG. The GERMAN GOO GIRLS will show you all nasty things about Bukkake...! Search in the web.

14. what was the best gig you've ever seen?
A total terrible demo band from somewhere, they did a so miserable sound, ALL people leaved the hall. Me and a friend listened alone to that audio shit! Hahaha, that was cool. The most cool gig was Frontline Assembly in Leipzig. A big Hall, a very great sound, but after some weeks, there came the message, that gig was done by playback... hahaha.... but it was cool!

15. how is the future to NWC666?
At next we'll do some new traxxx. We try to release 'em via Necroharmonic prod. Roy Fox is a very cool guy...doing a cool label ( http://www.necroharmonic.com ). Also we'll search out for some live dates. There has to cum out this autumn a MCD in Japan, it's called WWW (world wide war). There is also a little video clip on the disk. Watch out for our upcuming stuff...

16. before you die of boring shot to kill all our readers, thanx!x!x!x
Thanxxx Paolo, greetings....... best wishes, ELECTROJESUS