NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 was founded in 1995 by musicians of GUT, LIBIDO AIRBAG and NYCTOPHOBIC. Very soon they realized 7 songs and recorded most of them, but by lazing around, the stuff was never relesed, only some live gigs were done. In june 2001 (!!!) they started again, they choose some older and newer stuff and finished the recordings. This debut Maxi-CD (and also as 7“ep available) was released by STUHLGANG Rec. Under influences of bands like Gore Beyond Necropsy, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Gut, Blasphemy, Mortician and other heroes of the „very hard direction“ NWC666 describe their music style as „ELECTRONIC PUMPGUN GRIND“, that’s the way the style is described at it’s best. The members of NWC666 were in the beginning: Demon-Lord Sarcofuck 666 (all vox / beat programming), Electrojesus (guitar / programming and effects / media), Pumpgun Messiah (bass / beat programming). As you can see, there is no drummer in that paratroop! But Why? With their experience they got somewhere else in many years, the members decided to refrain from this musical encumbrance, 'cause the rehearsal room can be at home (sweet home) and the drummer has to carry a very big instrument, wich the others have to carry, too. The boring sound of a normal drumkit (cos’ of non flexibility) did the rest. Electrojesus is into composing music for some other music projects in a digital way so NWC666 planed to show the world of grindcore the caperbilities of music electronics with the typical sound of grind- and splattercore. All the beginning was hard but as the first release was done, the scene detected the band and some freaks wanted more stuff to hark. There were done some more songs and so the command to do a complete CD was spoken to NWC666. They created the „Home Sweet Home“ album-CD, wich includes 17 tracks and looks something like a full lenght album. The release of the CD and Vinyl LP needed one and a half years to be finished and the responsible label gave the master-recording to another label for the release (was there no more bravery?).
Autopsy Stench Records did the „Home Sweet Home“ Record under licence and the final release of the record was spring 04. During and after this more and more compositions were done and this stuff is out on a split CD with GORE BEYOND NECROPSY ( -> Killapornia Dreamz, released in Australia) and a Maxi-CD including a video track (WWW - world wide war, released in Japan).
In june 2007 the whoresquad had to take an extreme hard strike and even had to cease fire for a couple of weeks. What has happened?! General Electro Jesus who was a very important part for the nunwhores decided to leave the nunwhore platoon and this made it necessary to reform the troops.


But it took not too long and Pontifex Porn and the Bazooka Barbarian heard the call to arms and made the nunwhores more dangerous than ever! In this period the Commando recorded a split picture 12" with 2Minuta Dreka on Grind Block Records and played various shows in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia.
The year 2011 brought again some changes to the Nunwhore battleground. General Electro Jesus rejoined the satanic forces to take over the second guitar and to collaborate with Pontifex Porn concerning the electronic warfare. So NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 became a conspiracy of 5 militants to bomb the civilisation with their musical ideas.
NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 act indecent, look very militant and violently, the musicians are conscious of this, but they want to collide in society and also in the scene (if this will be possible....).
In the „lofty“ society NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 act musically and in content like a razorblade, the people will be cut! But here must be clarified, that the band is abstaining from any invitations to violence, fascism, anarchism, militantism, satanism, christian madness or sexism, this all is only represented in all media of NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666, without comments or remarks, the internet is also totally full of it. This boloney NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 pepper with a really mad and superb breeze of blackened humor, armed forces or militia, the holy church and sexmadness mostly are the targets. The combination of these dissoluteness of „civilized“ mankind are also bound in the bandname and most of the song titles. The extreme appearance of NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 and the extreme black nonsense is not tasteful or aesthetically to everyone in this world, but those who have a problem with NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 should inspect the world and their own life first and those not able to examine the own life can despise NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 (it’s requested for this kind of people) or commit suicide...
NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 transcend consciously the corset of the musical coercion in the grindcore scene, so the real drumkit will never be a part of the band in spite of conservative people or so called „scene policemen“, declining modernities at makin’ music. Members of the band were sometimes scolded „tekkno“ or „moron“, but the band gives a FUCK to anybody! This outdated aspects only show NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 the low „mind performance“ of these persons. Criticism, comments, tauntings, objections or offences, done by „normal“ and „abnormal“ folks don’t hurt, all kinds of insults are pointless.
NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666 have their developments and this will turn on and on including renewals, musically and visually. With the new line-up the nunwhores are more dangerous than ever! Be afraid!